Thinking of selling your property?

To assist you, I can provide you with statistics of recent sales in your area and allow you to make the best decision to produce a sale of your home in the least amount of time and at the best possible price.

First Coast home values fluctuate with the market.  Pricing a home for sale requires recent sales and marketing data to ensure that you can realize an optimum price.  I can provide you, free of charge, with an analysis of your real estate marketplace which will include all recent sales and currently listed properties. This customized analysis will allow you to determine a competitive and effective market price for your home.

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Many people believe newspaper advertising sells property. But as studies reveal, advertising is just one element of a comprehensive marketing plan. For example, while over 50% of all buyers are generated by the real estate professional''s reputation and experience, only 10% of all buyers come from advertisements. Yard signs account for 18% of sales, relocation 7%, open houses 5% and finally the company''s reputation 10%.

I understand the entire range of categories from which buyers are drawn and will focus our marketing efforts accordingly.

To find out more about how I can help you achieve your goal of selling your home, give me a call today (904.707.6548). I''ll be honored to provide you with all information necessary to help you make the right decisions.


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